Our Application

Through our mobile app you can purchase eSIM mobile data packages in any country. We offer roaming eSIM regional packages, which can be used regionally in several countries, as well as local eSIM mobile data plans. In addition, Lagi’s mobile app and SIM-free number allow our customers to make calls to every network (Landline, as well as GSM) of the country from any place in the world and have an Unlimited talk for just 11 GEL per month. We provide our customers with an opportunity to use SIM number along with Lagi’s appliaction with integrated SIM-FREE number! For more detailed information regarding registration click on the Link

  • Mobile Data Plans Throughout the World

    You can activiate our mobile data plans in any country and use the cheapest internet anywhere. Our intenret can be activated if your device supports eSIM technology

  • Unlimited Calls

    Lagi offers high quality Unlimited call service to all mobile/fixed operators of Georgia for the lowest price!

  • Unlimited SMS service

    We offer Unlimited SMS service to all Georgian mobile operators!

  • Easy Top-Up

    Top-up for your chosen package is possible within the mobile app or via Banks, Internet Banking and Paybox Payment Terminals!

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  • FREE Incoming Calls

    Receive an incoming calls for free. Lagi does not charge subscribers for incoming calls!

  • Free Customer Service

    24/7 Technical Support!

  • Bonus System

    Lagi offers bonus ulimited days. Accumulate 30 minutes from incoming calls and extend Unlimited days for free. Every incoming 30 minutes grants 1 Unlimited day!

  • Group Call Feature

    With our mobile app you can create a group call and have a conferece call with several persons without additional cost!

Lagi's eSIM Mobile Data

Through our mobile app you can purchase internet packages, which work everywhere. It is important to download our mobile app and get registered. Please note that our internet is based on eSIM technology. Therefore, you will not be able to use it if your mobile device does not support eSIM.

For more information click on the Link:

LAGI Plans

Unlimited Calls/SMS

11 GEL/1 month

  • Unlimited Outgoing Calls
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Free Incoming Calls
Regional eSIM
Local eSIM

Application Configuration

Technical team of Lagi is at customers’ service 24/7. Configuration of the application is very simple. Required details for the configuration, is sent to our customers after a successful completion of the registration process. Please, CLICK HERE to see the short guide for the Android, as well as IOS devices:

Download Application

Our VoIP service is compatible with Android as well as IOS devices. Please, see the appropriate applications below.

About US

International Telecommunication Company LAGI was founded in 1997. Lagi has been at customer service for more than 25 years. The company provides customers with high-quality VoIP services through mobile applications. The primary goal of the company is to implement innovative and required services for customers. We maximally try to fulfill requirements and meet emerging demands in the telecommunications industry. Lagi has integrated eSIM mobile data plans into the mobile app, whereby customers have become able to purchase high-quality mobile data plans throughout the world. In addition, the company currently has a digital platform for flight tickets and successfully operates in the eCommerce industry as well.

Top UP

Top-Up is available via Banks, Internet Banking and Paybox Payment Terminals.