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VoIP Application

''Lagi Connect''

Lagi provides new opportunities for customers to have your own Georgian number registered on smartphones anywhere throughout the world.
Our new VOIP service gives you possibility to be connected with your family and friends constantly, from any place in the world.
Download the appropriate application to your device, register through our web page, choose your number, register the number on your smartphone and make unlimited phone calls to mobile as well as fixed networks

The appropriate VOIP applications for your devices, See below

For Iphone For Android For WIndows Phone For Windows
VoIP Application
VoIP Application VoIP Application VoIP Application

Our Top up System

Our customers are able to top up their ''LAGI'' Connect number through any branch of Liberty Bank & TBC Bank.
Additionally, you can top up through quick payment systems such as: Express pay (click on ''Telecommunications and TV'' on menu), TBC pay (choose Communications, TV and Internet on menu) and Paybox (tap on Communications onmenu) also You have the opportunity to fill the balance from Web-Pages: or or or


Ulimited Pack, 30 days - just for 10 GEL

Fixed network
For further information, please contact us: (032) 2 12 07 07
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