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voip Lagi provides high-quality VOIP phones installation for free, Starting Index 212 xxxx (it’s free of charge to use our network).
Relevant and fast internet connection is significant, in order to use our service.
We provide VOIP adapters’ installation for free after you choose your own number.
High customer service, low price and high quality are our privileges
VOIP service technology is unique in reducing rates between local and foreign countries.

Special services for our customers!

  • Professional Voice Greeting Service
  • Callcentre Setup
  • Music Background and holding service for the incoming calls
  • Calls’ forwarding and direction service to different national or international numbers
  • Simulatenous calls’ separation and call queuing solutions with music background
Magti0.05 Gel
Geocell0.05 Gel
Beeline0.05 Gel
International0.05 Gel - From
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